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May 30, 2014

Dear Friends of Hallie Q. Brown Community Center,

Hallie Q. Brown Featured Nonprofit at Chord Solutions HackFest

On Saturday, May 31st, Hallie Q. will be the featured nonprofit at Chord Solutions, LLC's Hackfest, a one day event of "hacking, learning, and community." The event will feature developers of all skill levels as well as designers and entrepreneurs--and everything in between--volunteering their time and abilities to help on projects for organizations and individuals that have need but not necessarily the resources to accomplish projects like this.

And there will be a competitive element as well.  People with projects will give a pitch at the start of the event, the hackers, mostly .NET and JavaScript programmers, will break off to work on the project they're interested in during the day.  The last 30 minutes will be presenting what was accomplished and Chord Solutions will decide the winner who receives a prize, but most importantly, bragging rights! As the featured nonprofit, Hallie's project, a more user and cellphone friendly website with easier update capabilities, will be a prime project to work on. For more information, check out the 
Chord Solutions website or stop on by, anyone is welcome. And if you have an idea that needs some work, bring it along. We'll be building some awesome software together.

Project CHEER Summer Sessions and Choir Camp (New)

For over 40 years, Hallie Q. has been partnering with Project CHEER, a program of the Schubert Club that provides free music lessons to low income families in our community. Project CHEER’s activities grew out of a Schubert Club program that started in 1911 at Neighborhood House, a partner agency of Hallie Q.  Project CHEER acquired its name and its focus from Prentice Harris, former music director at Hallie Q., who was the program’s first director. In addition to the piano, guitar and music lessons they offer, this year they have added a Choir Camp.  The camp will operate from June 16-June 20 from 2:00pm-5:00pm.  Click here for the flyer or visit their website for more information.

The March Campaign Is Over!

The March Campaign is over! And I'm pleased to announce that not only did we exceed our goal, but resoundingly defeated Professor Poverty again! The cumulative campaign total was 52,003 combined dollars and pounds of food collected by our brave Hallie's Heroes.  We'd like to thank the following for their participation: AALC, Allied Solutions, Ameriprise, Elizabeth Baugh, Jennifer Baumgarten, Benjamin E Mays School, Bibelot, Sherry Blitz, Pauline Calahan, Capitol Hill , Patricia Carson, Katie Cashel, Bob Colbert, Karen Coon, Joyce Dahlquist, Tiffany Davis, Discovery Club, Connie Elsbery, Excel Energy, Nadine Farden, H.E Father, Readus Fletcher, Bruce France, Girl Scout Troop 54063, Cynthia Gitzmacher, Janet Haugan, HQB Retired Men, 

House of Hope Presbyterian Church,  J. J. Hill Montessori, Barbara Jones, Jackie Kennedy, Bettye Kortus, Kraft family, Kwik Trip, Tonia Lagrone, Susan Licciardi, Macalester College, Macalester Plymouth United Church, Malcolm McLean, Mississippi Market, MN Association of Scottish Clans, Deborah Montgomery, Dan Novak, Park Nicollet Hospitals, Pam Peyton, Laura Rodriguez, Kristin Rone, Roundy's Foundation, Anne Russell, Tonicia Salaam, Annie Simpson, Lois Snook, St Clements Church, St Francis Methodist Youth, St Paul Reformation Lutheran Church, Karl Starr, Eileen Stewart, Paula Stoltz, Mary Swanson, Taste of Scandinavia, The Pet Project, Thrivent Financial, Rachel Toberman, Travelers, John Tschida, US Bank, Gina Vermilyea, Mary Vidiakitis, Wells Fargo, Michelle White, Kent Zeigler.

Special note must be made of Piper & Violet, two wonderful Hallie's Heroes and the featured heroines on Minnesota FoodShare's 2014 March Campaign poster. These young ladies have taken it upon themselves to wage a Twin War on hunger and do a phenomenal job organizing food collection in our community to be donated to our food shelf, even going door to door to collect from neighbors.  They are true heroines in every sense of the word.

In addition, the Hallie Q. was selected again by the Roundy's Foundation as one of a handful of local food shelf recipients to received a large pallet of food and a check for $500.00.  Roundy's Foundation is dedicated to relieving hunger and helping victims of domestic abuse in communities served by Pick 'n Save, Copps, Rainbow, Metro Market and Mariano's. Every year, Roundy's Foundation 'Focused on Feeding Families' Tour kicks off. This year, their food truck, with the support of Kobussen Buses, Ltd traveled to 14 different community stores, bringing food and funds to 60 food pantries in 5 days. We are very appreciative of Roundy's Foundation's generous support.

Help Improve the Martin Luther King Center Play Area

On June 18, 2014, there will be a public meeting to give input on necessary improvements to the play area of the Martin Luther King Center. Project Manager Brian Tourtelotte will be on hand to discuss the process and City staff will gather suggestions and input in this brainstorming session regarding changes and improvements, you, the community, would like to see in the play area. If you're unable to attend, you may fill out an online survey by clicking the link here.  The meeting will be held Wednesday, June 18th, 6:00pm-7:30pm at Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, 270 N. Kent Street, St. Paul, MN 55102.  Questions, please contact Brett Hussong, 651-266-6420,brett.hussong@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Streetworks and Hallie Q. Working Together To Help Homeless Youth

One of the most important struggles happening today is the plight of homeless youth in our community.  Young people face many challenges today, but the are escalated when they do not have stable housing. Being homeless makes every other challenge that much greater, especially when dealing with hunger.  Homeless youth do not have a permanent location and as such often can't find a location to get food and food resources.  For nearly a year now, Hallie Q. has been partnering with Streetworks,  a collaborative of 10 youth serving nonprofits providing street based outreach to homeless youth, to provide food and resources to help them stabilize.  Every Friday, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Hallie Q.'s Food Shelf, closes down to operate exclusively for homeless youth through Streetworks. Streetworks coordinates their visits and Hallie Q. provides the resources they need. So if you know of a homeless youth or just work with the concept, share this information with them and have them contact Streetworks (click on the name for the link to their webpage). Together, we can help make the world a little better for those in need.

85 Years Ago...

 As with the Civil Rights movement, community leaders and organizations were coming together in order to address the issues of the day and bring about change that would lead to lasting social impact.  That impact, Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, which connected community members to necessary resources and provided a gathering place and in fact a living repository of history for the African American community.

Do you remember 553 Aurora? Do the names Oatmeal Hill and Cornmeal Valley spark memories? When you hear the names Janabelle Taylor, Sylvia Carty and Dorothea Burns, can you not help but smile? If so,  then you understand the necessity and role of Hallie Q. Brown.

To celebrate our 85th year, we are putting together a program to celebrate our history as was as launch our new program to help alumni connect back to the Center, relive the memories and get back in touch with old friends.  We want you to be involved with your pictures, your stories and yourselves.

The theme has been chosen of the Roaring Twenties!

Watch our website for more information or sign up for our e-Newsletter to get the latest information and find out how you can be involved.  Just
click the link here to submit your email and get all the latest information straight to your inbox and remember those Hallie Days of yesteryear.

We look forward to seeing you around the New Hallie Q.


Jonathan Palmer
Executive Director

P.S.  I welcome your input and questions at
jpalmer@hallieqbrown.org.  In addition, Hallie Q. Brown is a 501©3 tax-exempt organization.  Your contribution is tax deductible and very much appreciated in these challenging economic times.  Thank you.

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